FAQ's About Our Clinical Trials

Patient safety is of great importance when developing and conducting a clinical trial. To ensure that the highest standard of patient safety is met, all clinical trials conducted in Australia are thoroughly reviewed and approved by an external ethics committee.
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FAQ’s About Our Clinical Trials

We are currently conducting a number of clinical trials for conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, hives, alopecia and skin cancer. To discuss whether a clinical trial would be suitable for you contact our Clinical Trials Team. Your dermatologist at The Skin Hospital is happy to answer any questions that you may have on clinical trials.

Some frequently asked questions:

How do I participate in a clinical trial?

Your dermatologist at The Skin Hospital will collect your medical history and then help you determine which treatment options may be best suitable for you. Treatment options considered will include currently available treatments on the market and clinical trial treatments not yet available to the general public. There are certain eligibility criteria (e.g. age) that must be met for you to be able to participate. Eligible participants will be provided with detailed information about the trial. We are happy to provide information about our clinical trials via email or hard copy for your consideration. If you elect to participate in a clinical trial, our clinical trials team will guide you through the next steps.

What can I expect from a clinical trial?

Prior to enrolment in the trial, you will have a detailed discussion about your eligibility and what you can expect from the trial with a dermatologist or a dermatology fellow. Participation in a trial requires certain commitments from the participants. For e.g., you may have to commit to making routine patient visits to The Skin Hospital, be compliant with the treatment regimen, and undergo occasional blood tests. Some trials require participants to record a daily diary for their symptoms.

Can I trust that this treatment is safe?

Patient safety is the primary responsibility of clinical trials team. Clinical trial participants are under the care and supervision of an experienced dermatologist at all times during the trial period. Participants are provided with a 24-hour emergency contact number to avail medical assistance throughout the clinical trial period.  Before enrolling in a clinical trial, interested participants are provided with all the relevant information about the treatment (including potential side effects that may occur). Participants are closely monitored by the clinical trials team throughout the treatment period. Furthermore, the decision to participate or discontinue from a clinical trial before or any point during the trial is always determined by the participant.

How does The Skin Hospital choose the clinical trials?

At The Skin Hospital we carefully decide on our involvement in clinical trials. We partner with reputed pharmaceutical companies and only elect to be involved in studies that we believe will benefit our patients in the future.

What if I change my mind about participating in the trial after enrolment?

Patients are under no obligation to participate in any clinical trial. The decision to participate or to discontinue from a clinical trial at any point during the trial is always determined by the participant. Your decision to not participate in a trial will in no way affect the clinical care offered to you. We understand that participation in clinical trials is not for everyone, however, we like to give our patients the option, so they can fully understand the treatment options available to them.