• Will my child grow out of eczema

Will my child grow out of eczema?

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For the parents of a child suffering with eczema, the most eagerly anticipated question is whether their child will grow out of eczema.

The frustration of countless sleepless nights for the entire family, and its impact on daily function including a child’s behaviour and participation in daily activities, is all too common.

Whilst the course of eczema is variable, it is generally thought that most children will grow out of eczema before adolescence. However, there have been conflicting conclusions as to what proportion ofchildhood eczema persists into adulthood, and the factors that may predict whether a child may grow out of it or not.

A recent study has sought to answer this question [1]. In this study of over 110,000 children, it was found that 1 in 5 children with eczema still were suffering from the condition 8 years after diagnosis. However, only 1 in 20 were still suffering 20 years later.

Children with eczema before age 2 were more likely to grow out of their eczema, whereas those first diagnosed with eczema during childhood or adolescence were more likely to have persistent disease. Girls were less likely to grow out of eczema than boys, as were children with more severe eczema.

Dr Burcu Kim

3rd Year Dermatology Registrar

  1. Kim JP, Chao LX, Simpson EL, Silverberg JI. Persistence of atopic dermatitis (AD): A systematic review and meta-analysis. Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. 2016 Oct 31;75(4):681-7.

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