Corporate Skin Checks

Our Corporate Skin Check Program offers an easy and convenient way for companies to organise a full skin check for their staff by highly skilled doctors trained in dermatology.
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The Skin Hospital offers a comprehensive skin check program to organisations across NSW. Our medical team will come to your place of work and provide a full skin check at a date and time convenient for you.

Why book a corporate skin check with The Skin Hospital?

  • Full body skin check
  • Checks performed by highly skilled skin doctors trained in dermatology
  • No GP referral is necessary
  • No lengthy waiting times
  • Fast-track referrals for melanomas and skin cancers
  • Any concerns are immediately addressed
  • Minimises time away from work
  • Immediate follow up referrals for areas of concern

If suspicious skin lesions are found, requiring urgent treatment, it is possible to fast-track patients into The Skin Hospital’s many surgical clinics.

For more information, please contact The Skin Hospital on (02) 8651 2000 to discuss booking an appointment.