• Acne and Diet

Acne and Diet

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Acne is one of the most common skin diseases and affects approximately 80% of teenagers. It is generally believed that excessive oil production by the skin, hormones, bacteria, inflammation and increased proliferation of hair follicle cells are the main causes of acne. Therefore, the treatment of acne is usually targeted against these factors. However, one question that acne sufferers often have is if diet has any role in acne.

There is now emerging evidence from recent studies that a high-glycaemic index diet may make acne worse. The evidence is limited and more studies are required. However, following a healthy eating lifestyle with plenty of vegetables, fruit and wholegrain products seems not only good for health, but may make acne better at the same time! Despite this, it is important that you talk to a GP or dermatologist about acne, as other treatment modalities remain the standard of care and early treatment is key to prevent scarring.

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